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Artificial Intelligence and Content Marketing

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- Presented by Coveo Search is crucial to organizations today — internally, it’s a company’s fount of knowledge and data access; externally, it’s the backbone of web, ecommerce, and customer service. And IT professionals know how critical it is: According to a new study by Coveo , an AI-powered search, recommendations, and personalization company, 81% say that the importance of search has increased over the past year. In response, 85% have increased investment in search. There’s a ... [Read More]

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- One of the most difficult issues that enterprises face is the plateau or decline of their customer base. Many companies invest significant capital in their marketing campaigns and teams and still end up with a low ROI on their efforts. Although manual processes and systems can attract and convert clients, businesses need to focus on leveraging online tools to generate the highest return for their marketing investments. Using a tool like a CRM can be a great way to market and convert more ... [Read More]

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- So, you’re doing a website redesign. Exciting! And ... overwhelming. While you’re at it, you might be considering overhauling your content. After all, if the new site is going to sparkle, shouldn’t the content shine as well? Here are the top signs you need a full website content rewrite: Old: Your current website content is more than 3 years old. Outdated: The service line pages have outdated treatments or health recommendations. Bad UX: Your current website has a less-than-ideal user ... [Read More]

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- Do you have a Digital Marketing Strategy? If not, it is time to put one into place with the help of a digital marketing company in India. With so many changes in the digital space and new technologies coming out all of the time, it can be difficult to keep up. It’s also hard to know what your competitors are doing or how they might be affecting you. A well-thought-out strategy will help you stay ahead of these changes and better engage with your target audience. No matter how big or small you ... [Read More]

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- Leveraging OpenAI’s advanced deep learning models and providing the best value to your users is a challenge. Last week, OpenAI removed the waitlist for the application programming interface to GPT-3 , its flagship language model. Now, any developer who meets the conditions for using the OpenAI API can apply and start integrating GPT-3 into their applications. Since the beta release of GPT-3, developers have built hundreds of applications on top of the language model. But building successful ... [Read More]

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- Hear from CIOs, CTOs, and other C-level and senior execs on data and AI strategies at the Future of Work Summit this January 12, 2022. According to the latest survey by Salesforce , 89% of respondents said they are more satisfied with their day-to-day jobs after using automation tools, while 76% of respondents said they are more satisfied with their stress levels at work as a result of using automation solutions. Organizations in every industry have made the shift to digital-first customer ... [Read More]

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- Corporate blog content creation is a top priority of more than 50% of marketers . And with so many benefits — including the ability to reach, engage and convert prospects — you can expect this number to increase in the years to come. The good news is that any company — regardless of size or industry — can benefit from a corporate blog. However, there’s no guarantee of success. Your blog could one day hit a wall. Here are five reasons why your corporate blog has hit a wall and what you ... [Read More]

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- Do you want to be maverick in content creation to create unique content each time you write something? Even the most prolific writers face content creation issues, so you are not the only one. However, the best content writers may adopt a different approach to solve this issue. Let me tell you what they do to solve their content creation issues. They use a paraphrasing tool to create unique content for their blogs. Get the top paraphrasing tools and enhance your content creation in 2022. What ... [Read More]

– Most marketers know they can syndicate their website content, such as blog posts, by making it available for publication on other websites. Various services are available to help you do this. Some are free (e.g., Medium ), and some are PPC (e.g., Outbrain ). When successful, these efforts build backlinks to the content on your site, enhancing SEO and site traffic. But what about the reverse, where you publish relevant syndicated content from third parties on your website? Sure, a constant stream of self-generated content is excellent, but very difficult and costly to achieve. This is where … [Read More]

– “Send me five links that are examples of content that you find valuable and we can expand it out to a daily update of similar content.” Shane Metler with Evolving Technology. Shane Metler wants to put an end to stale content on business websites. Metler, along with his colleague Leland Morris, are with Evolving Technology, a software firm that specializes in AI-powered content syndication for businesses. Evolve Technology’s software uses artificial intelligence to aggregate content from sources across the open web, which are then curated into industry-specific feeds to which businesses can … [Read More]