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Artificial Intelligence and Content Marketing

Deepfakes Deepfake Model Images Models Detection
- Elevate your enterprise data technology and strategy at Transform 2021 . Some experts have expressed concern that machine learning tools could be used to create deepfakes , or media that takes a person in an existing video, photo, or audio file and replaces them with someone else’s likeness. The fear is that these fakes might be used to do things like sway opinion during an election or implicate an innocent person in a crime. Deepfakes have already been abused to generate pornographic ... [Read More]

Automation Rpa Cognitive Automation Data Tasks Rules
- More and more, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are relying on robotic process automation (RPA) or cognitive automation to improve productivity in workplaces, streamline data processing, and improve project management. While the two types of technologies are often used interchangeably, they actually differ significantly in their core functionality. This is important because it changes how CIO will implement the technology into a business’s operations. Read on to learn what RPA and cognitive ... [Read More]

Seo Marketing Inbound Marketing Website Search Information
- Businesses use SEO, or search engine optimization, to assure their presence on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. When you construct a website for your business, you hope that it will be found when a potential consumer searches for it on a search engine. To outrank competitors for a keyword, your website must be optimized to display the most relevant information about that topic as possible. It’s not just about changing the keywords on your website when it comes to SEO. It also ... [Read More]

Alexa Prasad Users Amazon's Alexa Amazon Information
- Elevate your enterprise data technology and strategy at Transform 2021 . Particularly over the past half-century, humans have had to adapt to profound technological changes like the internet, smartphones, and personal computers. In most cases, adapting to the technology has made sense — we live in a far more globalized world compared with 50 years ago. But there’s a difference when it comes to AI and machine learning technologies. Because they can learn about people and conform to their ... [Read More]

Freelance Creators Brand Content Freelance Creators Relationship
- How’s your relationship with freelance creators? Given the hot market, you better make sure they’re excellent. Recent Skyword research found that 73% of brand marketers expect to rely more on freelance creators in the next one to two years. As a result, “[t]he ability to find and activate top freelance talent will separate great brands from the rest,” writes Skyword CEO Andrew Wheeler in the introduction of the 2021 report Scaling Your Brand Marketing with Freelance Creators ... [Read More]

Services Digital Marketing Quality Marketing Leads Professional Services
- Digital marketing is now a focus for many B2B professional services firms. Traditional approaches to sales and marketing once dominated in areas like law, corporate training and financial services. However, since the pandemic hit, the imperative to adapt has seen tech and digital rise in importance on everyone’s agendas: recent Salesforce research found that 87% of professional services leaders sped up digital transformation during 2020. This blog is our response to the need for clear ... [Read More]

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Data Business Companies Big Data Organizations Customer
- Five tactics to help established companies stay competitive. The ability to deploy data as a competitive business asset is what has distinguished a set of well-established, data-rich companies who have reigned as market leaders over the course of the past several decades. However, business conditions evolve, and today, these companies face a new set of challenges that threaten their hard-won leadership positions. How do these well-established data leaders transform from excellence in ... [Read More]

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Expert Topic Content Conversation Digital World Friend
- As an early-career B2B content marketer and writer, I’ve spent many hours examining research reports, listening to expert panels, and generally staying on top on MarTech industry news. I’m constantly learning and am nowhere near being an expert. We all have to start somewhere. And at this early stage, the challenge is to develop a complete understanding of a topic quickly, so I can get to developing content and sharing it with my audience. So, what do I do when I need to get up-to-speed on ... [Read More]

– Most marketers know they can syndicate their website content, such as blog posts, by making it available for publication on other websites. Various services are available to help you do this. Some are free (e.g., Medium ), and some are PPC (e.g., Outbrain ). When successful, these efforts build backlinks to the content on your site, enhancing SEO and site traffic. But what about the reverse, where you publish relevant syndicated content from third parties on your website? Sure, a constant stream of self-generated content is excellent, but very difficult and costly to achieve. This is where … [Read More]

– “Send me five links that are examples of content that you find valuable and we can expand it out to a daily update of similar content.” Shane Metler with Evolving Technology. Shane Metler wants to put an end to stale content on business websites. Metler, along with his colleague Leland Morris, are with Evolving Technology, a software firm that specializes in AI-powered content syndication for businesses. Evolve Technology’s software uses artificial intelligence to aggregate content from sources across the open web, which are then curated into industry-specific feeds to which businesses can … [Read More]