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Our content delivery options will eliminate the time and resources normally required to maintain regular updated, relevant, high quality content on your website.


SEO / User Experience

Improves user experience (UX) by providing a greater depth of on-topic content from credible sources in order to stimulate user engagement and create greater value for your end-users. Additional SEO benefits include automatically maintained topical keyword content and relevant, up-to-date links for reputable content sources.


Custom Built

Our A.I. Content Engines are custom built to serve specific industries and organizations. We will generate customized content feeds tailored to meet your exact business needs. Continue reading to see which option is right for you.

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The Importance of Content

On A.I. and Content Marketing

- Share your thoughts on how we should improve your user experience on PerformanceIN. Begin the survey and decide how we should improve your user experience on PerformanceIN At PerformanceIN, we strive to bring you the latest industry updates from the world of performance marketing, focusing on engaging and opinionated discussions whilst aiming to overcome the challenges faced within the channel today. As we prepare for 2020, we're looking to make some changes to the website to not only deliver the best content possible on all things performance marketing but also improving the overall user ...

- Optimizing for conversions is just the tip of the iceberg. Entrepreneurs who venture into the SaaS industry are often fueled by the passion of building phenomenal products that can change their customers's lives, but also consider marketing and sales central to realizing their goals. Marketing for a SaaS business is uniquely challenging. Unlike traditional product- or service-based businesses, the element of tangibility is low. While there are many so-called hacks to follow when strategizing, there is only one approach that can yield consistent revenue regularly. It involves successfully ...

- Is the year 2019 the year of social media automation solutions? Without a doubt. If you do not use social media automation platforms yet, you are very likely to start using at least one now, after reading our short article. We are going to show you a few great social media automation solutions that you can use on a daily basis. Don’t be scared – automate your tasks! Social media automation with NapoleonCat NapoleonCat will be of help for you when it comes to a social media posting schedule. However, it allows you to do more than just to schedule posts. With NapoleonCat, you can keep an ...

- Personalization gets a boost Facebook is adding a touch of machine learning to help brands more accurately personalize dynamic ads . The social network’s new dynamic formats and ad creative solution delivers a personalized version of an ad to everyone who sees it, based on formats they have proven more likely to respond to, such as collection and carousel . Facebook said in a blog post that this solution can be leveraged within Facebook dynamic ads when they are created for the catalog sales, traffic and conversions objectives in Ads Manager or via the Marketing API (application-programming ...


- By Nov 13, 2019 Great content marketers are great conversationalists. They listen well, have a point of view, and understand and engage their audience. Just as great conversationalists get invited to parties, great content is a welcome guest in an email inbox or a social media feed. And, because content marketing is so critical for B2B companies, being a great guest who gets invited back is just what you want to be. In 2018, eMarketer estimated that nearly 90% of B2B companies in the US made use of digital content marketing. As content reaches a saturation point, it becomes critical to refine ...


- LeanData's OpStars event will highlight its key importance LeanData Here at DMN, we talk about marketing all the time. But as Sangram Vajre of the #FlipMyFunnel community has been constantly emphasizing , marketing's value is defined by its success in creating revenue, even if it's sales which closes the deals. And it's not just marketing. From product to branding, through sales, to customer success, a business's success is almost universally tied to creating and growing revenue. Recognizing that is one way out of the siloes. Marketing operations. Sales operations. Customer success ...


- "Send me five links that are examples of content that you find valuable and we can expand it out to a daily update of similar content." Shane Metler with Evolving Technology. Shane Metler wants to put an end to stale content on business websites. Metler, along with his colleague Leland Morris, are with Evolving Technology, a software firm that specializes in AI-powered content syndication for businesses. Evolve Technology's software uses artificial intelligence to aggregate content from sources across the open web, which are then curated into industry-specific feeds to which businesses can ...

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    Custom AI Engine & News Feed
  • Please call for pricing.
  • A custom AI Content Engine is built specifically for your business needs.
  • Pricing varies per custom AI build.
  • You have full editorial control over the AI profile's news curation (if desired.)
  • Accounts are billed as a recurring montly payment.

    Intelligent, automatic content feeds that are custom built for your business.