Help Wanted - Inside Sales

We are an established company that is bringing a new subscription service to the market and we are looking to ramp up our sales outreach ASAP.

Product Info

Our flagship product/service is an automated AI website content procurement engine.

We have developed a B2B data service that automatically delivers industry content to company websites for a variety of business sectors.

This allows a business to install our product on their website and then automatically receive current and relevant industry related information on their website.

Location and Hours

Keep your own schedule. Work as many hours (regular business hours, Mon-Fri) as you like.

Work from home or wherever you prefer! You will need a phone (for making calls) and Internet connected computer.


Sales experience required, preferably with some background in Business-to-Business sales and/or Internet based service sales.

Proficient at speaking English language.

We will train on our product and a sales conversation that works well for our product, but prior sales experience is a must.

Professional and respectful. We believe in ethics, morals and values. We are looking for the same.

Ideal candidate

Retired sales person?

Looking for part-time work or to supplement retirement income?

Want to build a reoccurring income stream?

You may be an ideal candidate!


Pay is commission based.

You will earn 50% of the sales price for the first month, and then 10% thereafter for every sale you close (reoccurring, paid out monthly, in perpetuity, for the life time of the account.)

A 10% commission is paid out to you for the life time of the account.

Compensation Potential

Outreach calls take about 3-5 minutes (on average), which allows for up to 15 to 20 calls per hour of your time.

Average call statistics for our products are about 33% positive interest, 33% unsure/no interest and 33% voicemail/no answer. For calls that are answered, there is about a 50% positive interest rate. 15 to 20 calls per hour will generate about 5 to 7 interested leads. The conversion rate for positive interest leads is about 15%.

In summary, this allows for about a sale per hour.


Please contact us directly to apply:  

Please have a resume available. We will schedule a call with you.