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On A.I. and Content Marketing

- The survey found that a purpose driven and caring mindset was the number one quality leaders should strive for, followed by an ability to embrace technology. An understanding of technologies like AI and a strong command of human soft skills will be a key theme in the C-level workforce over the next decade, according to a  new survey from LinkedIn .  Over half of the more than 14,000 survey respondents indicated that a purpose driven and caring mindset was the number one quality leaders should strive for, followed by an ability to embrace technology and a willingness to be agile and ...


- Go to wherever you listen to your podcasts. Type in “artificial intelligence.” Fall down the rabbit hole. There’s a ton of hype around AI – some of it sensationalist, some of it dark, and some of it downright terrifying. But, while podcasters, software creators, journalists, meme-creators, etc., postulate on the potential ramifications – robot takeovers and the like – we hardly ever stop to talk about what a future with AI could look like on a more reasonable scale. Broadly speaking, artificial intelligence is the application of computer algorithms to task automation, often in a ...

- By replacing the technical grind, AI will free marketers to focus on the part of the job that requires the most humanity – engaging and serving customers. The emergence of AI-powered martech has given marketers a lot to grapple with the last couple of years. Some have voiced fears of being replaced by automation. Others are excited by the potential time and cost savings. But with all the hype around new technology, we may have overlooked the most exciting part of the AI revolution. As traditional marketing shifted into digital marketing over the last decade, we’ve drifted further and ...

- design strategies that can help you accomplish your results more effectively. Read the following to understand how to initiate a plan of action for your content. Try to find out how far you want to go with your strategies. Is it obtaining leads from the content you post in social media or you are focused on increasing awareness of your brand? You may have a multitude of goals but it is important to bring them into perspective to Think about the kind of contents that are more relevant for the social media network as many of them rely on stunning visuals to ensure that you get more traffic to ...

- Though 80% of senior decision makers in the UK rate their customer service as ‘excellent’, their customers aren’t feeling quite the same. Our report ‘ The Good, The Bot and The Customer Experience’ found there is a significant disconnect between what customers expect and what brands think they are delivering. In fact, a whopping 91% of UK consumers say they have been left feeling frustrated by the customer service they receive, with top grievances including being left on hold too long and needing to repeat their issue multiple times. Many organisations are turning to AI to improve ...

- Moz has released nine reporting templates that support popular workflows within the Moz Pro app to help simplify processes and increase ways for SEO professionals to disclose growth. "SEOs often cite reporting as one of their biggest challenges and pain points," wrote Brittani Dinsmore, director of product marketing at Moz, in an email to Search Insider. "It can take significant time and effort to ensure the most meaningful information is gathered and displayed in easy ways to understand."  Competitive Analysis Overview, Full Competitive Analysis, Campaign Overview, Link Analysis, Rankings ...

- "Send me five links that are examples of content that you find valuable and we can expand it out to a daily update of similar content." Shane Metler with Evolving Technology. Shane Metler wants to put an end to stale content on business websites. Metler, along with his colleague Leland Morris, are with Evolving Technology, a software firm that specializes in AI-powered content syndication for businesses. Evolve Technology's software uses artificial intelligence to aggregate content from sources across the open web, which are then curated into industry-specific feeds to which businesses can ...

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